Drivers...Who's driving this Taxi Anyway?

Our drivers were some of the finest individuals this country has to offer! The Rock N' Roll ride was well worth the money, our aim was to please! (However we're glad you stayed off the sidewalks!)



(Bass, Vocals)

Daniel started playing bass because guitar had way too many strings. He also noticed that the strings on a bass were a lot thicker, which better suited his knuckle dragging, fist pounding style of playing music. While he has learned to sing a little and not grunt while on stage, he has played in both cover and original bands for over 20 years, which has interfered with his real life role as a taxi driver. Fortunately the company is unaware of his exploits onstage and still hold him in the highest regard.


(Vocals, Antics)

Richard started singing because the band he joined already had a drummer! Many years travelling the Canadian bar circuit have given him a great advantage over other taxi drivers, he's been all over the map, and as a musician people often think he IS all over the map! A big fan of the 80's Hair Bands and Rock and Roll music Richard has been investing in the Hair Club for Men in hopes of one day being able to use up his lifetime supply of Final Net!!



(Drums, Vocals)

When not driving cab, Johnny has been playing drums for close to 38 years. He set up his first drum set at the young age of 5. Johnny devoted many long hours listening to other drummers and very quickly taught himself the drums. A huge fan of Neil Peart, Johnny lists Rush as one of his primary influences. Noted for his diverse and inspired percussive abilities Johnny is in a class by himself and provides a complex and multidimensional foundation for Trashed Taxi. Johnny is an innovative and dynamic musician, this guy certainly knows how to hold down the beat!



Mark showed up at the garage one day looking for work. We asked him what he could do and he looked us right in the eye and said; "I play guitar, you got a problem with that?". As it turns out we had an openning and hired him on the spot. Since then he's become a fairly decent driver as well (a few minor infractions, mostly involving sidewalks and cross-walks, bottom line....the fare gets to their destination!)

Mark plays guitar, and he plays it loud! He enjoys coffee in high volumes and can often be found offering it to others in the garage!